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Welcome to the D20 to Curtain Podcast: where Oklahoma theatre geeks hit record and explore our new addiction to Dungeons and Dragons. Below you will find links to podcast episodes as well as other locations including our social media platforms.

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Sep 28, 2020

The party returns to Greenest Keep after rescuing the monk Leosin Erlanthar and Kuran and Yesma Oberron, parents to Mira (Guest player Susan Riley). Leosin and the party reveal what they know of the cult’s unfathomable plan and the party is asked to do the unthinkable. Lapis makes a new friend, Nesrin and Eula acquire...

Sep 14, 2020

Upon infiltrating the camp of the Cult of the Dragon, the party is split up and their ability to work together is put to the test. Inside the cell, Lapis seeks hostages while Eula & Jaide manage guard duty. Nesrin & Mira (Guest player Susan Riley) piece together what they can about the cult's plans and Ally keeps to the...