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Welcome to the D20 to Curtain Podcast: where Oklahoma theatre geeks hit record and explore our new addiction to Dungeons and Dragons. Below you will find links to podcast episodes as well as other locations including our social media platforms.

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Aug 31, 2020

Despite their mistrust of the elusive Mira (Guest Player Susan Riley), Ally, Nesrin, and Lapis must consider joining forces with her to keep their family together. The Cult of the Dragon holds the fate of friends and loved ones in its hand but with even the best-laid plans, the devil is in the details.



Aug 24, 2020

Time is of the essence and options are limited so Lapis and Jaide must work with the secretive Mira (Guest Player Susan Riley) to help Ally, Nesrin, and Eula before they are discovered by cult raiders. Sibling rivalries and petty differences must be put aside when the party discovers what lies ahead for them, the monk -...

Aug 17, 2020

Keeping his promise to Nesim, Jaide follows the trail of the Greenest Raiders. Concerned for what Jaide faces, the party (after a few delays) sets off to help their “baby” brother, only to encounter a mysterious woman who they cannot determine is friend or foe. 



Official D20 to...

Aug 3, 2020

Ally, Nesrin, Jaide, and Lapis race to Eula's side as she fights to keep the monk, Nesim Waladra, alive. Despite the dangers the party has overcome, at least one unavoidable date with death awaits them.

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